Casino Video Poker At Its Best!

Video poker is a hugely popular online casino offering and it is also often called draw poker. This title is ideal for Canadian players who are familiar with poker as it is one that requires a certain level of skill to win, and Jackpot City video poker games are some of the best out there. The house edge is low and players will play against the house rather than other players. It follows the rules of Five Card Draw Poker and looks like a slot machine game, although there are many variations of video poker available online. A regular deck of 52 cards will be used and the payout structure will vary on different gambling platforms. A free demo can often be found on different websites that outlines the strategy that should be adopted and this will vary depending on the variant of the title.

How to Play

Video poker is not as complicated as its traditional counterpart and is a great way to enjoy a game that offers a slot machine format of a table game. Players need to place their bets against the house after which five cards will then be dealt. A maximum of five cards can be drawn and once a hand has been selected, players can then collect payouts by pressing the "Draw" button. The idea of the game is to create a strong hand that can be built by pressing the "Hold" button that allows players to discard or retain cards. The "Deal" button is used to request new cards, and the player is paid out after this button is pressed the second time.

Jackpot City Video Poker Games

Jacks or Better is a great video poker game for beginners to enjoy as the game layout is simple to understand and the payout structure is as equally simple. Deuces Wild is another popular game while Jokers Wild is a mixture of the two. The Jackpot City video poker games offer a great platform for avid Canadian players to enjoy playing all of these titles. The payout structure is easy to understand and the machine itself uses a layout that appeals to both new and experienced players.