Million Dollar Prizes with Famous Progressive Jackpots

Though there are plenty of online Canadian sites that offer them, the most famous progressive jackpots associated with interesting and innovative slots are what people really want. Believe it or not, some of these provide the opportunity to win as many as eight figures in a single spin of the reels, and winners have undeniably had their lives changed forever. All in all, such a prize isn't exactly paid out by the house; otherwise, the venue offering it would surely go out of business. Rather, it is accumulated over an entire network of people all over the world and continues to grow with each and every bet that is placed until it is won by a lucky winner.

There are two different ways to win. Most commonly, those who choose to enjoy them will need to place the maximum bet possible with each slots games spin in order to qualify. In some cases, this could be as much as $100 a spin so they certainly aren't for everyone. However, there are others that have no max bet requirements, meaning that the prize itself is randomly triggered when a winning combination of symbols shows up across any active payline. These are where the true excitement lies because it's possible to win on a penny spin! Of course, these are usually smaller and may even be tiered based upon wager amounts, but it's still a hefty sum and enough to make your day for certain.

If you're interested in trying out famous progressive jackpots, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First of all, make sure that the wagers you are placing actually qualify for the prizes. Otherwise, your efforts may be in vain. Some people choose to wait until the jackpot has grown considerably because they feel that spending time to increase it is pointless. Finally, if you can find one that doesn't require a maximum wager, make sure to play slowly. This way, you won't spend your bankroll in an hour and you'll have more chances. Something else you should remember is that the same machine can be accessed through different venues, so shop around for the one you like best. Jackpot City is a good place to start since they'll give you free spins bonuses just for creating an account there.