Canadian Online Casino FAQ

Numerous gaming sites are now made available online and in different platforms. Almost anyone, if they have access of it online, can register and place their wagers to participate on these sites' gaming. Players also get to meet different gamers all over the world who they compete with on winning huge amounts at stake. But not everyone is given the freedom to access these online gaming sites. There are some countries which totally restrict their citizens on participating in these sites, as well as block its access and availability online. However, there are some which just set rules and boundaries for its citizens to regulate online gaming in their countries - and one of these is Canada. Here are some FAQs from Canadian players regarding their access to our online casinos sites .

Can Canadians play at online casinos?

Online gaming sites nowadays are required to secure licenses from different government bodies in their host country. These entities set the rules and regulations which should be met before any online site is given the necessary permits to operate. Gaming operators should also make sure that all its features are safe and secured for online players to access.

However, some countries have strict requirements and legal boundaries for the gaming operators themselves. For example, in Canada, operators are not allowed to operate their online gaming sites in the said country. But, Canadian players can still participate and play in gaming sites from other countries. These limitations also apply to other countries which welcome the online gaming industry in their respective regions.

Online players should also be mindful of the age restriction these sites set. In most countries, players should be 18 years or older before they can participate on the gaming sessions. Though in Canada, age restriction and regulation depend on which territory the player is playing in. There are different gaming laws governing each province so it's best for Canadian players to check on these first before they create their accounts.

How do I register an account?

Canadian players can easily register an account by logging in to the gaming site online. They need to click the "Join Now" button found in the home page, which will redirect them to the account creation screen. Players just need to follow the registration instructions on-screen which requires them to input personal details. All details must be accurate to avoid any delay in deposit and withdrawal transactions. Players can also register using their mobile platforms which support these online gaming sites.

Is it safe to gamble online?

As mentioned before, there are several government entities which mandate the legality of these online gaming sites - and one of this is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Kahnawake is one of the legal jurisdiction authorities in the world which recognizes online gaming in the industry.

Since 1999, it is considered as the longest running licensing body which has been regulating different gaming sites from all over the world - including Canada. This justifies the credibility of Kahnawake in identifying reliable gaming sites online. Players just need to ensure that the online gaming site they are participating on is accredited by Kahnawake or any other trustworthy governing body.

Which games payout the biggest prizes?

In terms of games which reward the most, Canadian players may consider playing online slot machines in these gaming sites. These games are relatively easy to commence and sometimes have progressive jackpots wherein players can win huge jackpot amounts. Players just need to deposit a minimum credit amount and they can already spin the reel to complete different combinations. They also don't need any strategy or technical gameplay to win big.

Another rewarding game for Canadians to try online is roulette. Roulette has better winning odds compared with other table games. Its simple game mechanics and rules also entice more players to participate on its gaming. Canadians should also know that mobile play is just a click away. They can win more here through mobile gaming sessions.

Is it possible to play for free?

There are some online sites which offer its players with a free play option in accessing their games. These are called "instant play platforms" which don't require players to register an account before they get to play in the site. Some Canadians may consider of this option if they'll just test the games and features of the site. However, players are not allowed to play with real money wagers during the instant play option.

Players can also get free spins every time they open new accounts or as incentives for being regular gamers. Winnings from these free games are added to the player's account under the premises of its wagering requirements.

Which banking methods are available to Canadians?

There are several banking options for Canadian online players to consider. These include all major credit and debit cards like MasterCard and Visa, bank and wire transfers, e-wallets, and many more. Canadians should understand all payment terms and methods detailed in every online site as they differ with each other.