Look out for the playthrough requirements that come with every bonus

image of Playthrough Requirements

It's becomes customary for online betting websites like Jackpot Casino Canada to offer gamers bonus packages in return for signing up or making a deposit at their site. What is commonly offered are the no-deposit incentive and the match incentive. A no deposit bonus is free money given to players that just signed up so they can start playing immediately, while a match bonus deal is a package wherein the casino matches the amount a player deposits, doubling his bankroll instantly. These deals are intended to attract and inspire gamers to check out the slots games and bet. Because these are very generous offers, it was prone to abuse, and such abuse was rampant during the early years of internet-based casinos. The promos cost operators too much money as players would open multiple accounts to avail the signup incentive and they would then cash out the money swiftly. To remedy the problem and offset the risks involved, playthrough requirements were introduced. Of course, not all players welcomed this new policy but it had to be implemented for the protection of the sites. The truth is this policy does not affect real players who played honestly.

Usually, these playthrough requirements require players to bet a certain amount of the free money they received before they can cash out any winnings. In other instances, the entire amount must be wagered for a certain number of times before a player can withdraw his winnings from using the incentive. The policy varies from one site to another, and players are strongly advised to read the terms carefully before they avail any free credits, especially if they are after huge amounts. These regulations can usually be seen in a site's terms and conditions page, so finding them is easy. For example, is a site's betting requirement is 15x, this means any player who availed of free credits must bet that amount for 15 times before they can withdraw. If the deposit was $100 and he receives a 100% match incentive, giving the player $200 in his bankroll, he has to bet a total of $1500 dollars ($100 x 15) before he would be allowed to withdraw his winnings. This may seem harsh, but it only offsets the risks and protects the site from fraudulent gamers. After all, the money wagered isn't from the player's own pocket.

There is, however, a slight glitch to this policy that makes it complicated. There are some sites where games are assigned a certain percentage to in meeting the betting requirement. For instance, slots usually have a 100% count so every bet is counted when meeting a wagering requirement. But there are games that have a smaller count, like blackjack which usually has just 40%, so if you bet $100, only $40 would be counted. This is the reason why it's necessary for gamers to check the playthrough requirements first before they register. Reputable sites set a reasonable policy but there are shady ones that ask for as high as 40x-50x.