Casino Whales Can Be Found in Every Gambling Venue

Whether or not you have spent much time in an online or offline gambling establishment, you might have heard the term "casino whales" used a time or two. While you might be thinking of someone who is overweight or someone who never leaves, much like being "beached" at the blackjack table, neither of these definitions is correct. To put things simply at Jackpot Casino Canada, casino whales are people who spend a huge amount of money in these venues. They have huge bankrolls, they place huge wagers, and they sometimes win some massive amounts of money.

Not everyone has the means to behave in this manner, so it should really come as no surprise that the majority of these individuals are millionaires or celebrities who love the action and the attention that spending such large amounts of money can afford them. They will almost always receive VIP treatment, too. Some establishments will comp just about everything on their behalf, including the airfare required to get there, a penthouse hotel suite for the duration of their stay, free drinks throughout the gambling session, free meals at only the best restaurants, and more.

Of course, in online situations, it is often difficult for establishments to provide these kind of comps to their casino whales. Instead, they offer up tiered loyalty programs that will offer things such as larger reload bonuses, personal account managers, extended withdrawal limits, access to lucrative prizes that can be shipped to the player's home address, and even holidays and vacations that can be used at the VIP's discretion.

Spotting one of these individuals isn't difficult in the slightest, either. If you are in a bricks-and-mortar venue, just look for the well-dressed people in the reserved areas behind glass or velvet ropes. Of course, even if they aren't in reserved sections of the casino, you can still spot them according to their bet sizes, their line of credit, the amount of security surrounding them, and the attention that they receive from the staff. All of these things can certainly alert you.

You can find plenty of casino whales over at Canadian online casinos such as Jackpot City Casino, particularly since they offer some pretty incredibly table limits and a very lucrative VIP bonus codes. High rollers know that not all venues will treat them with the respect and attention they deserve, but this is an exception that truly mimics the treatment that would be received in a land-based casino anywhere in the world.